Moving Day

Today is MOVING DAY for me, everybody 😀

 The TIMING is absolutely perfect, (of course, it always is), because today also happens to be Day #30 of this 30 Day Blog Challenge I created for myself. My intention with this process was to find my voice (or at least begin to get comfortable hearing it), to show up for myself, and to embrace my discomfort and vulnerability.

Absolutely amazing what we can accomplish when we decide to.

Good thing I love change so much because I have moved SO many times in my life it’s ridiculous. I’m the queen of moving and I’m usually drawn to funky, unique spaces that need A LOT of love. It is always my intention to leave a space looking and feeling better than it did when I arrived.

Mission accomplished with the Pool House? Absolutely.

When I moved in, the place was a MESS. It’s an old building that belongs to the grandparents of a friend of mine and when I first showed up it looked like it hadn’t been cleaned out in FIFTY YEARS. Seriously. But the potential, oh the potential! I could see it and feel it immediately.

It took three twelve hours days of intense elbow grease, sorting through ALL THE SUTFF, and organizing boxes into the attic (from which my dad and I cleaned out old insulation, rat shit, and rotting boxes) before it was inhabitable. Holy moly, holy project. Then, for the first few nights I slept here I was convinced that raccoons were living in the walls, banshees in the attic, and spirits of ALL sorts were constantly hanging out with me.


Over the past five months this Pool House has become a safe haven for me, a place for healing and self expression. The experiences I’ve had here have been absolutely incredible. There is MAGIC in the air and I say that with one hundred percent confidence and knowing. There is an energy in the floor and the walls and the history that granted me access to parts of myself that had been buried.

Thank you Pool House 🙏 Thank you LIFE 🙏 Thank you SELF 🙏 

As special as this space is, I’m not feeling sad about leaving at all. Instead, I am feeling EXCITED about life in general. I believe in cycles and seasons and it’s clear to me that while this chapter of my life is closing, another one is just beginning to open. And it’s going to be AMAZING, it already is, I can feel it.

Don’t fight the Universe, y’all. There are signs everywhere if stay open to them. Be intentional with what you want and want you need. I’ve been calling TRIBE  into my life lately. I’ve been really loving and craving human connection so it’s perfect that I’m moving in with big sister and her wonderful family today.  I’ll also be closer to some pretty cool people I am blessed to call new and old friends. This 30 day blog adventure is ending and I am looking forward to what I get to great next.

Without knowing the details of what is coming, I totally know this is the right move, pun fully intended. I’m tuned in, the Universe is my partner and playmate, and together we are creating beautiful things.

Onward and upward, everybody. Keeping moving, finding your flow, and returning to center. Dream big, set big goals, DO THE THINGS every single day, and you’ll be surprised how easily you can make your dreams come true.

It is ALL HAPPENING NOW. This world is ours to create.

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