Take Responsibility and Change Your Life

Something very magical happens when you take responsibility for your own life. When you understand that EVERY SINGLE THING that you are experiencing and have experienced is something that you have created. It is a reflection of you. There is no one else to blame. No one else to thank. No one to save you. YOU are in charge of your own life.

I had a crazy hard year last year. After spending a decade running ALL over the West Coast and Hawaii on a spiritual journey, on a quest of self-discovery and purpose and fulfillment, I found myself back where it all started. At my freaking parent’s house. I was so confused and angry and hopeless. I had done SO many cool things. I was SUCH a cool person. I had SO many hopes and dreams….why was I so stuck?

To be sure, my twenties were a wild ride. I did exactly what I needed to do and I did my best with what I knew. And I LOVE myself for that. And I FORGIVE myself for that. But, I also avoided my problems… for a very long time. I was afraid to look at my darkness because of what I might find.

Well, I’m over that. I’m taking responsibility for ALL of me, I am turning over all of the rocks, I am journeying into my past, into my present, into my darkest self. And what I am finding… is a HUMAN. A flawed, wounded, amazing, beautiful human. That’s it, folks.

The crazy cool thing, is that this person I am finding in the shadows, this person with ALL of the darkness and the flaws and the wounds, I LOVE THIS PERSON! She is amazing!


Taking responsibility was the best decision I have EVER made. And, let me tell you, writing this blog has been the most liberating experience OF MY LIFE. First of all, I am doing the thing I have wanted to do for years, the thing I am called to do. I am writing. I am a writer. This is my truth. Once again, I encourage you, with all of my heart and soul, to walk your truth. That thing you’ve always wanted to do, that’s been calling to you for years? Begin it. And begin it TODAY. You will not regret it, instead, you will discover a magical world that was here for you all along ❤ 

Take off the masks, people, come out of hiding. You are safe. We are all safe to be ourselves, to be SEEN. We will love you more for your flaws, YOU will love you more for your flaws.

And that’s the second of all, I am no longer hiding. This is me, world. Take me or leave me. I DO NOT CARE. Life is too short to wear masks. Love is too short to be anyone other than me. Because I am amazing, with all of my bullsh** and all of my beauty, I am amazing. I LOVE and ACCEPT myself to the moon and back, and if you do too, awesome, let’s play. If not, be on your way, I wish you all the best.


Rachel Hollis is one of my greatest teachers (if you haven’t read her book “Girl, Wash Your Face” yet, I will say it again, GO READ IT) and will always offer a good kick in the butt when I need one. She says, “If you really want something, you will find a way. When you don’t really want something, you’ll find an excuse.” I mean, YES. Hell yes.

If you want something, YOU HAVE TO GO AFTER IT. No one else is going to do it. No one else cares that your relationship is stagnant, no one else cares about all the books you have written (but haven’t shown to anyone), no one else cares that you want to start a business or get in shape or write a memoir or whatever. I mean, yes, we care. Of course we do. We are your friends and earth companions and we love you. But seriously, no one else cares as much as you do! Because your life is own. So own it.

Listen to some podcasts, read some books, talk to people, educate yourself. Whatever you want to learn about right now, IT IS HERE. Everything is HERE. There are no more reasons not to be living the life that you dream of. 

Yes, it will be hard. BELIEVE ME, it will take work. It will take a lot of work. Taking off our masks and taking responsibility for our lives is difficult. But it is amazing and it is GROWTH and we humans are here to grow. We are here to align with our purpose and to have a heck of a time doing it.

So go DO IT. I’ll be seeing you along the way ❤

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