Free Writing Exercise 2/2

I am walking my truth as much as I know how. I am amazingly imperfect and I love that about myself. This is me, standing tall and proud, owning my body, owning my worst behavior, owning my messy journey, owning all of the things I have failed at and all of the things I do not know and haven’t yet begun to explore.

This is me telling the world that I am here, ready and willing to see the big stuff. I am actively creating my experiences and shining bright light on anything that asks to be seen. Any challenge that shows up, I’m taking it on. I am here and I am ready to do great work.

I love myself, end of story. I love myself wholly and completely because I am amazing and strong. I am forging fires in myself. I hope you are doing the same for yourself. I hope that you know that whatever you are going through, it is perfect. It is your truth. and I love you and your truth.

I feel raw and heart wide open right now. I feel more at peace with myself than I ever have. It’s not a constant feeling, but it’s a common one and it’s growing. The peace I feel with myself and with the world is growing stronger and clearer.

I love this world. I think the world we have created is beautiful and amazing. It is so full of life and energy. The more I explore the world, the more I know people, and the more I work on integration within myself, the more excited I am to be alive. I am FULL of hope. I am excited about what is coming for us and I am getting more and more excited with each day.

This is it, you guys! This world is ours to create. We have so much knowledge and creativity between all of us. We have powerful leaders who want to create massive change. We have teachers and engineers and energy masters who are offering us the tools we need to make these changes, within ourselves and within the world. Let’s use them. Let’s use the knowledge of the spiritual masters and the money makers and the physical masters, let’s listen to the people who study habits and human behaviors and emotional understanding. EVERYTHING IS HERE FOR US!

You have to step up to the plate. It’s there, it’s open, your name is being called. But ultimately, it comes down to a choice. DO YOU WANT THIS? Are you ready to make the changes? Are you willing to shift through your life, piece by piece? Examining all of the pain and hurt, shining light on the places you have kept hidden in shadow for so long? Because that’s what it’s going to take.

But it’s so worth it. You are going to feel pain anyway. You are going to feel fear and self doubt and hopelessness anyway. They are a part of the human experience. So don’t give them any more ammo. Strengthen the determination and the joy and the hope you feel, for the life you know exists within you and for the world I know we can create together.

My heart is bursting wide open. I am witnessing a huge transformation within myself and I am tapping into the energy of all the others who are transforming too. It’s everywhere. It’s unavoidable real. And it’s just getting strong. Hope on board, y’all. Join the movers and the groovers, the creators and the believers. Let’s create the most magical self and the most magical world we’ve ever seen.


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