Free Writing Exercise 1/2

A huge opportunity for growth is here, for all of us. This energy, this expansion, this shift, whatever you want to call it, it is available to any one who reaches out and takes it. It feels absolutely incredible.

Each one of our paths is completely different. What we have to remember at times of feeling loneliness or hopelessness, is that many of the things we are feeling are being felt by A LOT of other people. You are not alone. We’ve made agreements as a collective body of people.

The battery in my car died a few nights ago. I’m not sure what happened. I went to University night at the Crocker Art Museum to hear my professor do a reading of her book. When I got back to my car, my battery was dead.

I tried it a few times and knew it was done. I made some calls, sent out a bunch of texts, posted on social media, and sat down in the grass.

I found myself appreciating how warm the night was. I could have waited comfortably for hours. I also had the option of taking a Lyft home. I had my phone and wallet and I speak freaking ENGLISH. I sat there feeling very grateful for such a minor problem that could so easily be fixed.

Life was good.

Then I met Chris. His car was parked behind me and he had jumper cables. The exchange took all of 10 minutes and it happened easily. We sat on our cars, doubled parked in downtown Sacramento, cars speeding past, and talked about how changing one’s mindset will affect your whole life.

We talked about morning routines and the importance of journaling. We talked about books and podcasts. He told me his deepest fear and his greatest wish. I just felt happy. I felt happy that what I am feeling is not unique to me. I felt happy that this experience I am having is bigger than me. It’s within me, sure. There are worlds within me. But we are also in this together, if we choose to be.

Energies that are attuned to one another will intersect. Chris and I crossed paths that night for a reason, not because it was destiny or anything like that, but because we were existing on the same plane.

We are all going through this shift. The extent to which you feel is varies from person to person, I’m sure. The ways in which we are feeling it are colored by our memories, our experiences, and the journey that has gotten us here. But this opening, this energy that is flooding the planet right now, is here for all of us.

I believe that everything is happening all the time. Whatever you want to experience, what you believe in and think about, whatever you CHOOSE, that’s exactly what you are going to get. The world has unlimited opportunities – for growth, for destruction, for love and healing and authenticity, and for darkness and evil and whatever else. None of it “good” or “bad”, none of it “better” or “worse”, just experiences. Just choices.

But, if you have been feeling something different lately, don’t run from it. Run into it. Trust yourself. Don’t judge yourself for anything. You are SO beautiful and unique and amazing. The scars that you have show that you have been through something. Wear them with pride. They are the reason you are so strong today.

The darkness and addiction and pain that you feel inside of yourself, it’s OK, you are HUMAN, and humans have these feelings.. We ALL do. Some of it is our own, and that is ok. It does not make us less than whole, it does not make us unloveable.  

It is safe to be seen. It is safe to shed light on everything that you are. It is safe to turn over the rocks that have been hiding the darkness, the loneliness, the isolation, the fear, the insecurity, or whatever else for so long.

I’ve been exposing a lot of myself lately. I had no idea what committing to 30 days of blog posts was going to do for me. I’m feeling emotional as I write this because I’ve never felt so good. I am sharing my biggest failures with the world. I am talking about my struggles and my addictions and my bad habits. I am talking about my fears and my dreams and my feelings. I mean, holy shit!


We are here to grow into our potential. We are here to transform our world.

One thought on “Free Writing Exercise 1/2

  1. A reminder that We Are Safety, We Are Security, We Are Everything. There is Nothing Else. Our experience Distracts us from that. What a wonderful Place to Call Home…Inside. As we are shifting, we must remain grounded in Nature for she is the Only Teacher we All MUST Follow!

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