The Dance

We are all just doing a dance. Everyone is dancing to their own tune and timing. Sometimes our dances join together and we dance in sync for a while, and then our dances move away from one another in different directions. Sometimes you are doing a dance I’ve already done and I’m doing a dance that you’ve already done. Sometimes we dance to songs that are new and sometimes we dance the same dance we’ve been dancing for years.

All of our dances are great.

We are all shaking our shoulders and swinging our hips exactly as we should. Don’t worry if someone else’s dance doesn’t look like yours, there is no one who can dance your dance the way you can. Own your dance.

Know that there is no timeline, no one beat you to a place or an event or a feeling, no one already knows what to do, or is “ahead” of you. There is no right way to dance or wrong way to dance. We are all moving and grooving to the beat of our own lives.

I think we are moving to the beat of our planet, moving closer to her, joining our heartbeat with her heartbeat. The dances are getting stronger and the beats are growing faster. The music is loud and fast and amazing. Dance your dance like you’ve never danced before. Dance it big and free and wide open. Dance it to the moon and dance it under the stars. Dance with your arms out wide, your heart wide open, and your body free and wild.

We are pure magic. Our world is pure magic. Let that magic fill you and pour out of your heart into this big, beautiful world.

photo of night sky
Photo by faaiq ackmerd on

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