Finding Our Teachers and Creating Our Own Philosophy

There is a direct correlation between growth and fulfillment. As humans, during our lifetimes, we can experience a very wide range of emotions, challenges, pleasures, and relationships if we choose to. We can stretch out our arms and push against every boundary that has been put in place around us or we can stay small, curled up into ourselves, afraid of what is beyond our comfort zone. It’s just a matter of choice.

If we choose to GROW, we are in luck, because teachers are everywhere. Not only is there something to learn from every single person and every single interaction that we have, but we also live in the golden age of the INTERNET.

Da da da daaaa.

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“I wasn’t taught about personal finance in school” or “my parents didn’t teach me how to cook” are no longer valid excuses. There is information about everything online, the University of Google is a real thing, and ignorance is a choice. Confession: I don’t know how to use money. It’s true. I don’t. It wasn’t a part of my upbringing or my formal education and for most of my twenties I pretended like I didn’t want or need to know how to use money. Present day fact: I love money! I want to learn how to use it well and so I am reading books (thanks sis!) and listening to podcasts on personal finance. I am learning about something I was previously ignorant of. How AWESOME is it that I can do this?

There is never one way to do something and there are a gazillion teachers out there offering a gazillion different methods for everything. This is why it is important for us to seek out our own teachers and then create our own philosophies. I don’t believe in listening to what other people say as fact or truth. I believe in being open to everything, sorting through it, and only allowing in the good stuff. Ask yourself, “does this resonate with me?”, “does this make sense in my own life?”, “do I like this or can I feel that I really need to learn about this?”. We are incredibly intuitive beings. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

As I’ve said before, Brene Brown is a huge teacher of a mine. She’s incredible and inspiring and her work is incredible and inspiring. When I found her, I immediately recognized Brene as a teacher because what she was saying resonated with me and made sense when applied to my own life. I dove straight in and came out a few months later a changed woman, a little bit dazed and a whole lot happy.

I still seek out Brene’s work from time to time (I’m actually listening to her new book right now), but my intense need to learn from her has lessened a bit. This is because I am changing. Of course I am! I am human. I am learning and growing on a daily basis, as we all are.

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This world of ours is changing very quickly as well. And those of us who embrace the change, who gracefully shake free of the old and walk into the new, we will have an easier time adjusting. We are being offered incredible opportunities for growth on a daily basis and as there is no time like the present, why not dive straight in?

Embrace the change! Don’t hold onto something just because it’s what you’ve always believed or have always been told. Keep your eyes open, stay alert, and listen with your whole body. Find your teachers, learn from them, and then continue on. YOU are in charge of your own education. YOU are the only one who knows what you need. Your philosophy is your own.

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