There Really IS Enough

Most of us are used to living in a culture of scarcity. I know I was. Throughout my twenties I believed I didn’t make enough money, I hadn’t completed enough school, and I hadn’t traveled enough. I was never thin enough or curvy enough or beautiful enough. Basically, I was not enough.

This is all around us. Examples of not enough. Examples of scarcity.

In terms of productivity and lifestyle – there are not enough hours in the day. Our first thought when we wake up? I didn’t get enough sleep. Our last thought before falling asleep? I didn’t get enough done today. You guys, THOUGHTS CREATE REALITIES.

In terms of self worth – I’m not good enough, rich enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, smart enough, successful enough, masculine enough, feminine enough. You get the point. I’m not enough.

Y’all, this is ridiculous! It’s a complete fabrication. There IS enough and you ARE enough. I am enough. I am a good enough writer to write. When we change our mindset from scarcity to sufficiency then the world in which we live will also change.

I’ve had some stuff come up as I’ve been writing and publishing this blog. Of course I have. Self doubt, insecurity, thoughts that there isn’t enough room for me… Wait, what?! SO SILLY.

This is a huge planet. There are over 7 billion people alive right now living in almost 200 countries. I am called to writing. I am called to sharing my story and connecting people. This is my truth. It’s as simple as that. Without attachment to outcome, all I know is that as long as I am standing in my purpose and coming from a place of authenticity, then there IS enough room for me.

And I guarantee there is enough room for you too.

Oh, and also… YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are smart enough, beautiful enough, strong enough, interesting enough, innovative enough, creative enough, AND unique enough to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Do you want to be a photographer or a playwright or a cycling instructor? Do you want to write your memoir or play ukulele or produce all of your own food? Do you want to share your stories and connect people? Then do it!

There is enough room for all of us. And we are all 100% unique and amazing. No one else is doing your work because no one else has your experiences, your memories, your perspective, your creativity, and your dreams. No one else is doing exactly what you are doing or what you want to do. No one else even wants to! They want to do THEIR thing. Their thing may be similar to yours, because let’s face it, there are a gazillion photographers, yoga teachers, and writers (to use some obvious examples), but if you show up in AUTHENTICITY, then you will stand out and those who resonate with you, will find you.     

A culture of scarcity leads to a culture of competition. If there’s only room for a few people to teach or lead or share, then everyone who feels called to this will compete with one another to secure one of these limited spots. Nope. Wrong again. Like I said, over 7 billion people! There is an audience for all of us. There is tribe for all of us.

So, just stop. Stop believing the lie that there is not enough space for us all. Stop believing the lie that you are not good enough to do the thing you want to do.

I am enough and I think you are enough too. There is enough space for me and there is enough space for you.

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