Taking Care of our Bodies

The message is clear and it is coming from everywhere. Start with the body, the work begins with the body. When our bodies are functioning at a high level, then we will be able to show up and step into our potential. If not, then we will struggle. Everything is dependent on our physical health.

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Photo by Julian Jagtenberg on Pexels.com

I know this to be true from personal experience. If I am eating well and practicing yoga on a daily basis, than I feel HAPPY, CLEAR, and GROUNDED and am able to show up and engage in this way. When my body is clean and clear, my mind is also clean and clear. When I am calm and centered, my emotions and energy are also calm and centered.

The opposite is also true, because why wouldn’t it be? The less attention I pay to my nutrition and the less yoga I practice, the less connected I feel to my body. This makes me very sad, very grumpy, and very easily irritated. Old thoughts and patterns, self-doubt, judgement, and insecurities show up stronger and are more likely to run the show. But when I show up with a healthy body, than these same thoughts and feelings fade easily into the background.

So, y’all, (myself included), clean it up and clear it out. Stop messing around. This is our life! Our one and only beautiful life. How do we want to spend it? Wasting away with bad food and low energy or CHARGING into our dreams with vibrant energy?

It is so easy to spiral one way or the other. When I am eating well, I want to work out, when I work out, I want to eat well. It’s brilliant. Of course, it works the other way too. If I let a single meal slip, it’s easier to let a whole day slip, and then I don’t want to work out; if I’m not working out, it’s more likely I will eat pizza, and then I won’t want to work out again. So, let the spiral work for you. The universe has your back.

I’m not saying we have to perfect, of course not! But it’s the same lesson that keeps showing up over and over again. If we fall off the wagon, get back on. If we miss a meal, eat healthier the next time and still go to the gym.

So, what workouts do you LOVE? Find out and do them, ALL THE TIME.

For me, it’s yoga. I also run, dance, and hike, and these are great, but nothing compares to a yoga class for me. I love the community, I love the music, I love having a teacher/coach, and I really love getting really sweaty. I love quieting my mind and connecting breath to movement. I love that no matter what, I will leave a yoga class feeling happier and lighter than I felt when I walked it.

Yoga helps me feel strong, light, connected to my core, and comfortable in my own body.  A teacher of mine once said, “we don’t work out in yoga, we work in (to our bodies)” and I couldn’t agree more. When I developed a regular yoga practice in my twenties it was the very first time in my life that I began to truly love being in my body.

person rolling green gym mat
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

If yoga doesn’t do it for you, then go do what does. Maybe it’s running, or kickboxing or Zumba or surfing. Do what makes you feel great.

Also, y’all, please don’t be too hard on yourselves. Keep in mind that it is way easier to add something to our lives than to take something away. If you are struggling with your health, don’t stress it. Begin small. Perhaps for you it’s a short walk or 15 minutes at the gym. If you make movement a daily habit, healthier foods and a healthier lifestyle will follow. 

Life is nothing if not an opportunity for growth.

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