Choosing Authenticity

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken”. This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. Perhaps my very favorite. It just makes SO MUCH sense.

I truly believe that when we accept ourselves and begin living from a place of authenticity, then everything changes. The beauty is that this is SO simple and SO complex at the same time. It’s easy to understand this concept from an intellectual standpoint but it’s another matter entirely to do the work, to stand in your center and make all the decisions, big and little, from that place.

Don’t be fooled, I’m not at all saying I’m the queen of authenticity. However, I am saying that it’s something I consciously work with every, single, day of my life.

Speaking as someone who spend many years flailing around the deep end before realizing my authentic self was sunbathing in a freaking lounge chair, being authentic feels gooood. It’s like that feeling of “oh, THIS is what I’m supposed to be doing”.


You can’t and won’t make everyone happy. So please stop trying. Know that when you come from a place of authenticity, you will make YOU happy.

Also, authenticity is just about the most attractive quality a person can have, whether it be in a friend, a romantic partner, a teacher, a boss, or someone who briefly crosses your path. When you are authentic, you will naturally attract people to you. And the really beautiful thing? They will be the right people because they will love and accept YOU as YOU.

We live in a world where a gazillion, yes that many, messages are being shoved at us from all the angles. We receive feedback on who we should be and what we should do from our families, our friends, schools, the media, our concept of money, stories we hear, and from everything else that we choose to believe. This is a A LOT of baggage. The work, then, is to unpack it all, examine it, and take only what feels great.

If we all make decisions from the place of “what feels the best?” instead of “what looks the best?” or “what will other people think?”, I truly believe big, beautiful changes will happen very quickly, in our own lives and within our global human tribe. They already are.

You got this.

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