Being Your Own Best Friend

I had an epiphany sitting at a stoplight the other day. It was just a regular afternoon, I was running errands and doing laundry. All of a sudden, the thought popped into my head that I am always going to be with myself. Seriously. I am always going to be with me. Every single day, during whatever mundane task I am doing or exciting adventure I am having, I will always be there.

Ok, this is a little bit silly. I know. But let’s think about it.

If you had a friend who was with you ALL the time, and I do mean ALL the time, then wouldn’t life be more fun if the two of you got along? If you genuinely enjoyed and appreciated the company of this other person who was attached to your hip, wouldn’t it make life a better experience? Wouldn’t you feel good waking up knowing this person had your back, no matter what and loved you, no matter what?

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The more I thought about this the more I understood the importance being my own best friend. Now, I have great friends and a fantastic family who all love and support one another. I’ve also had many wonderful relationships. This is all great. What is also great is that I spend A TON of time alone – at my house, in the car, riding my bike, running, thinking, dreaming, planning, doing homework, writing, sleeping, laughing, crying, cooking, eating, traveling – a lot of the time, it’s just me. I happen to be a fiercely independent introvert so I like it this way, but I also have an excellent relationship with myself which makes it even better.

In the simplest of terms, we are talking about self-love. It’s a journey I have been on for many years and plan to be on for the rest of my life. It never ends. The more I fall in love with myself, the more I fall in love with the world and with the people I interact with. The more I enjoy my own sense of humor, the more I can find things to laugh and smile about wherever I go. The more I love and accept my unique body, the more comfortable I feel moving around the world.

The more I like myself, the happier I am. The correlation is direct and simple.  

So, ya’ll, I officially invite you to fall in love with yourselves. If you don’t want to or think that you can’t, I understand. I’ve been there, I get it, and I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with the way that you are feeling. But please know that if you want to change your experience, the work begins within. Start figuring out who you are and what you like to do. Begin by appreciating the little things that make you different from everybody else and start standing up for who you are. If you can support a friend, lover, husband, politician, or child in whatever they are doing and for who they are, don’t you think it’s time you supported yourself in the same way?

4 thoughts on “Being Your Own Best Friend

  1. I have had the same realization before when I was about 28. At that moment my life changed forever. I too found that Love for myself is the only thing that will always be available no matter what or whom. I am very independent myself and there is not greater gift than cheering yourself up, healing yourself, empowering yourself, and creating yourself. Love is the Way, Discipline is the Skill, Destiny is the Path.

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