Embracing Vulnerability

Earlier this summer I was talking to a friend on a hike. She asked me how my book was coming along and I admitted that the first draft was indeed finished but had been sitting on a shelf for the past six months. “It’s not ready, it needs a lot of work”.

She then asked if I had let anybody else read it yet and again, I admitted I had not. I told her I felt very uncomfortable letting someone else read my work. It was so personal and I was afraid that people might think I wasn’t a good writer.

Her next sentence, “Have you heard of Brene Brown?” changed my life. I went home that night and watched Brene’s Ted Talk titled “The Power of Vulnerability”. I then read four of her books, back to back.

Everything I was feeling, everything I was afraid of, Brene talked about. I began writing affirmations on postcards and putting them everywhere in my house, rewiring the way my brain works. Three months later, here I am, sharing my writing for the very first time because I know that what makes me feel vulnerable, what I am resistant to, is exactly what I should be doing. And not because a zillion people will read it or care, but because that is where my magic and my growth live.


And I’m excited! It’s that simple. I am excited to write because I want to write and because writing calls to me. It feels good and I am all about living a life that feelings good versus living a life that looks good to others. I’ve done that, I’ve lived that life. I think a lot of us have and that’s fine, but it was also very limiting and full of fear and judgement. 

So let’s try something new and let’s be vulnerable together. I can’t wait to share who I am, the journey I’ve been on, and what I’m learning. I’m so excited to connect with others who are doing the same thing (in their own way, of course) and to hear the stories, failures, and successes, and everything in between because that is life. It’s all we have. So let’s go out there and experience it all. Life is calling.


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